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Your Hydrovac Specialists

Our Hydrovac Services

  • Hydorvac Excavating

  • Slot Trenching

  • Storm Drain Cleaning

  • Daylighting/Exposing Utilities

  • Debris Removal

  • Line Flushing/Jetting

  • Pile Holes

  • Sewer Service

  • Sight Hole Drilling

  • Dewatering

  • Ditch & Culvert Clearing

  • Cold Weather Excavation

  • Common Hydrovac Services And Related Problems

    Brining in heavy equipment can cause damage you had not counted on. Leaving unforeseen damage or repairs. With the long reach of our hydrovac trucks we are able to get into areas without disturbing the landscape most often.  

    Slot Trenching 

    Excavating narrow trenches to expose utility lines for repair, replacement or install new utilities with our non-destructive Hydro Services. Works on frozen surfaces making us effective year round, minimizing any damage. 

    Hydorvac Excavating

    Excavating year round with non-destructive method of hydrovac excavation. Using heavily pressurized heated water with our hydrovac truck we expose utilities and pipes while removing debris without damaging the surrounding area.

    Storm Drain Cleaning

    Maintaining storm Drains and catch basins im essential to keep them free of obstructions and dibres to prevent flooding. Contact us to flush and clean your storm drains or if its to late and you already have a plugged area call use and our emergency hotline to get 24/7 emergency service. 


    The industrial term of "Daylighting" is simply locating hidden underground utilities, pipes etc to the daylight where they can be inspected or repaired. Using our our method we can do this any time of the year with our non-destructive method. 

    Quick & Reliable Hydrovac Services You Can Count On.

    Hydrovac excavating, slot trenching is the safest, most cost effective and non-destructive way to expose underground utilities and infrastructure. Using high pressure warm water and Vacuum allows us to dig even on frozen soil making it suitable year round. We work with municipalities, developers and our residential services are also worth giving us a call. We'll help you with any job with no disruption to the surrounding areas of the work area.   

    Our Hydrovac Experts

    Our experts are dedicated to getting your job done safely, fast, efficiently, at a fare cost. We understand that things happen and that's why we make ourselves available 24 hour 7 days a week. When you have a job that needs to be done right, ontime and on budget call us. The Best Hydrovac Services in the Okanagan.  


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